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I used the Colombia Facil guide while travelling in Colombia with a friend. Overall, it was a great guide! It has plenty of useful tips and is really well structured (content per area and the use of symbols). Moreover, it has detailed information for lots of different needs; where to find free coffee, a hot shower, laundry, lockers and so on. Lastly, I feel that this guide has been written by people who really know the areas very well, as it offers many good tips which ‘regular’ guides don’t! Giel from the Netherlands.

I just wanted to let you know how valuable your website was for my trip to Colombia last month. I discovered this through the Belgian NGO Wegwijzer and was so happy to finally find some info to help the independent traveller to find some authentic and eco-friendly places to visit and stay. I gave a copy of your book to our local library and will certainly advise your site to anyone travelling to Colombia. Thank you for all the work you put in it! – Karleen from Belgium.

I have a plan to go to Colombia in the next months and I found your guide/page on the internet. I must say that this is great (impressive work).  – Michal. 

I found this guide so useful last year when I was travelling in Colombia and have recommended it to all my friends who have been since – so thank you! – Ella.

Colombia Fácil, undoubtedly the best travel guide to Colombia. The indispensable travel guide. – Study Spanish Colombia in Colombia. 


I loved your travel guide, it is very helpful, especially now that I want to travel more through Colombia. Malu from Colombia. 

I just wanna congratulate you guys on your splendid work, I think Colombia Fácil is a very handful and nice written guidebook. I’m a travel journalist myself, I work for a big online city guide in the Netherlands. Last winter I travelled for the second time to mi país favorito and I used the Colombia Fácil guide a lot. I even brought 10 pieces of them back home, to introduce it to my friends! Keep up the good work! – Anneke from the Netherlands. 

My Spanish is not that good. I really love the fact that the guide is in Spanish. With my guide I can show the taxi driver where I want to go! – Hilde from Germany.


I want you to know that Colombia Fácil is a very great initiative! – Mieke from Belgium. 

Hola guys! Congrats on your fantastic guide. – Mathang from India.

Super concept! – Henry from Germany.

Congratulations for what you’ve done – you made a difference for many travellers by creating Colombia Fácil and, on the way, open a window to Colombia, because it is a country that is worth it 😉 A big hug. – Nicole de Cartagena.

I have to congratulate you for your Colombia Fácil guides, they are quite accepted and they look very nice. – Esmeralda from Colombia.

Your work with the Colombia Fácil tourist guide seems to me something very interesting and important. I congratulate you with all my heart for your work and I thank you on behalf of us Colombians for your contributions to the development of tourism in the country, and I wish you many successes in these projects and in other future plans. – Mauricio de Amagá, Southwest Antioquia, Colombia.

First of all, tremendous portal, for my part I think Colombia Fácil is one of the biggest references in terms of guides of Colombia. Either by content and texts, also by visuals, excellent. – Agustin from Argentina.

A month ago, on a trip I made to the city of Cali, I discovered the Colombia Fácil guide, which fascinated me. I was reading it carefully and its organization, its clear and simple illustrations, its practical advice, its latent humour and its specific curiosities have really captivated me to such an extent that I must consider it as one of the best tourist guides I have seen so far in Spanish /English about Colombia – I’m from a Swiss father and a Colombian mother. Nicole

Hi. Congratulations!! Colombia Fácil is the best guide I know in Colombia. An affectionate greeting from Switzerland. – Claudia

The Colombia Facil guide was very helpful on my last trip to Minca in the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta! – Via Twitter, Adalberto Gonzalez from Colombia.

Very useful guide, ideal to travel through Colombia. – Willy from Colombia.

My congratulations for the very useful website and the practical guide! – Rene from Holland.

We found a guide in Ecuador … Colombia Fácil is a bacano concept. Travellers leave their guide in neighbour countries of Colombia so that people can use it on their trip to Colombia. We are a big fan! – Fre & Cécile from Germany.

I just wanted to say thank you for your help… regards… – Jimena.

I’m happy with the information about the prices. My Spanish is not good and with the guide, I know when people use “Prices – Gringos” or not. – Rob from USA.

Hello, thank you very much for your absolutely wonderful travel guide. I have already travelled with several other guides but the Colombia Fácil guide is the best! And its photos always convince me to pack my backpack immediately… salu2 🙂 – Christine from Germany.

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