You definitely don’t need to expect a huge cultural shock at arrival. Colombia has large modern cities and airports. There is Wi-Fi on 90% of all public places; you can find Nutella in all supermarkets (expensive though); you will find stores and brands very much like in your country; there are good transport facilities and so on. Nevertheless, the difference between poverty and richness in Colombia is much bigger than in Western countries. 

The moment you visit smaller villages in the countryside, you will experience that time has stood still. You will see man and horse, working farmers on their land and poverty. But almost all-over there is a peace-loving atmosphere!

Practical differences
Is this your first time on a toilet in Colombia? Be aware that toilet paper doesn’t belong in the toilet but in the trashcan. Otherwise the toilet can become blocked and overflow … shit happens! In bus terminals they often charge you 1000 COP to use the toilet.

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