Though originally meant for Americans from the USA, some Colombians name all foreigners who don’t speak Spanish natively gringo/gringa. It doesn’t mean something negative. When you look a little different, you are a gringo/gringa, especially if you are tall, blond and blue eyed.

The name emerged from the earlier days, around 1846 when the Mexican-American war began. Several hundred immigrants of German or Irish origin and other Catholic Americans were sent by the US government to fight against Mexico. Songs like “Green Grow the Lilacs”, “Green Grows the Holly” and “Green Grow the Rashes” were sang around the campfire. “Green Grows” grew into… GRINGO!

Just be aware: Some prices can be a little more expensive because you are a gringo/gringa, especially when you don’t speak Spanish. … Remember they figure gringos gotta plenty dollars…they can spare a few! In a lot of cases they are right, isn’t it? So if it isn’t too bad, why make a fuzz about it…

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