How well do you know Colombia by now? 

☐ 1. Where do you find the largest lake in Colombia?
☐ 2. The most common sentence that locals say to you when you go shopping?
☐ 3. He is funny, energetic, colourful, has a long nose, big ears and you can find him at the second biggest Carnival in the world (in Barranquilla)? Who is he?
☐ 4. The most delicious fruit in Colombia, it is yellow, has thorns and works?
☐ 5. A delicious alcoholic beverage usually made out of sugar cane (agua panela), aguardiente and lime juice? Which cocktail is this?
☐ 6. In which village you find a huge monolith rock?
☐ 7. The name of the famous salsa singer from Cartagena?
☐ 8. Famous Colombian hat
☐ 9. Football – funny curly blond afro hair– Santa Marta?
☐ 10. Why did some people want to drain lake Guatavita?
☐ 11. Some Zorro movies have been filmed in this heritage town.
☐ 12. Sun, sea, mountains. Where can you find it all very close together?
☐ 13. How many public holidays are there in a Colombian year?
☐ 14. The national tree of Colombia?
☐ 15. Flower Festival: where and when?
☐ 16. Greatest Rock Festival and FREE? Where and when?
☐ 17. Where was famous writer and Nobel Prize winner Gabriel García Márquez born?
☐ 18. What is the typical national sport?
☐ 19. How to order Aguila beer in a noisy bar?
☐ 20. What is the most expensive time of the year to visit Colombia?
☐ 21. The greenest lung of the world and one of the 7 natural wonders?
☐ 22. An Indian woman and a national symbol of Colombia?
☐ 23. In which desert you find beautiful red as well as grey rock formations?
☐ 24. Where can you find the end of the world?

☐ More than 22 right answers makes you THE Colombia LOVER, spread the word!
☐ Between 15-20 right answers makes you the average tourist, almost getting there!
☐ Less than 9 right answers means you don’t know a shit about this country. Make sure to return soon, so you can top up your knowledge and remember… Colombia becomes even more interesting every time you visit!

Answers: 1: Lake Tota, near Sogamoso in Boyaca/ 2. A la orden! / 3. Joselito/ 4. Dragon fruit/ 5. Canelazo/ 6. Guatape/ 7. Joe Arroyo/ 8. Vueltiao/ 9. Carlos Valderrama/ 10. They thought to find the gold of El Dorado/ 11. Villa de Leyva/ 12. Santa Marta/ 13. 17/ 14. The wax palm (palma de cera)/ 15. Medellin, early August (in 2019 from 3-12)/ 16. Rock al Parque, Parque Simon Bolivar Bogota, in 2019 June 29+30 + July 1/ 17. in Aracataca between Santa Marta and Mompox/ 18. Tejo/ 19. Make a fly movement with your arms/ 20. Semana Santa (Eastern), in 2019 April 14-20/ 21. The Amazon rainforest/ 22. India Catalina/ 23. Tatacoa/ 24/ In Putumayo, near Mocoa (a beautiful waterfall).

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