Streets are full of phone shops and people who let you call easily (Minutos). 

Thou, making phone calls in Colombia isn’t always that clear… So here we go:

Colombia Country Code = 0057

National calls:

Cell phone to a landline (7 digits) : 03 + city code + phone n°.

Calling to Bogota (1): 031+ (7 digit number). Ex: 03-1-1234567

Landline to landline: 09 + city code + phone n°. 
Calling to Medellin (4): 094 + (7 digit number). Ex. 09-4-1234567

From a landline to a cell phone: add 03 + phone n°… But only if you have the service activated. Because not every landline can call to a mobile.
Ex. 03-1234567890

Cell phone to cell phone: dial the 10 digits of the cell phone. It’s cheaper calling to the same provider. There are 3 big ones: Tigo, Movistar and Claro. The last one has the best national coverage, f.e. at the Pacific Coast you may have connexion. So we recommend Claro for travellers. 
Be aware that at none official places, it’s quite likely you’ll buy a stolen phone!

The numbers of the providers start with:

*CLARO 310, 311, 312, 313, 314
*MOVISTAR 315, 316, 317, 318
*TIGO 300, 301, 302


Oops, you forgot, lost or don’t have a cell phone? You can make telephone calls anytime and anywhere from telephone booths or vendors on the street. You recognize them to their Minutos plates and also to fluorescent overalls and numerous chains around their bodies where the phones hang. They offer different operators/telephone services at very low prices, normally between 100 – 300 COP/minute.

If you are unlucky enough to become the victim of the theft of your phone and you have a plan, you´ll need to block it as soon as possible: 

Claro: *611 or 01 8000 3418 18. In Bogota: 6181818. 
Tigo: From a landline 01800-3000000, from a Tigo cell phone *300. 
Movistar: From a landline 018000 930 930, from a Movistar cell phone #610.

Check how much credit you still have on your prepaid card on your phone:
Claro: *103# 
Movistar: #610 
Tigo: #10* 
You can put extra credit on your phone on almost every street corner (recargas). Online is only possible with a Colombian bank account.  

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