Colombia is one of the richest countries in the world in terms of biological and cultural diversity. It’s a country with numerous (59) and very interesting national natural parks spread right across the country, over 14% of the surface! The price of a ticket can vary. For example, Tayrona is one of the most beautiful, famous and most expensive of the parks: in 2019 full price high season… 61.500 COP. For more prices: http://www.parquesnacionales.gov.co/portal/es/derechos-de-ingreso/

Tip: Don’t forget your student ID! You may get a huge discount. For example, in high season you pay in Tayrona… 19.500 or 27.500 COP (depending on whether you are more or less than 25 years).

Via this link you can find the map of National Parks + Heritage Villages in Colombia by Colombia Fácil.

Take care: Because of considerable damage of tourism, National Park El Cucuy has been totally closed for a while. Since April 2017 it is partially open again but check the actual conditions if you want to visit this beautiful spot! In February 2019 we saw that you have to make a reservation and pay at least one month ahead…

Here you can find more information: National Parks
Top 10 of Colombia’s most visited national parks

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