Colombia and drugs… A complex situation. To chew coca leaves is a ritual of the indigenous people and so an integral part of the culture. For example, even in the city women prepare coca tea to soften menstruation pain. On the other hand… Drug trade and addiction are a threat. The Colombians themselves don’t use drugs that much. They even hardly smoke though of course as everywhere in the world, you’ll find addicted people.

The biggest problem is alcohol. Though Colombians hardly drink during working days, if they start… Especially poor people in the countryside, have the tension to keep on drinking till all the money has gone. Curiously enough, the FARC, who are known for drug trade, took care that people didn’t abuse. Since the guerilla movement stopped with controlling the countryside, people are getting more limitless.

Drug trade. Of course it didn’t stop! It killed and kills many people and also destroys large areas of nature through deforestation, the dumping of chemicals in waterways, and disastrous consequences of aerial spraying for plants, animals, water, people… And how to explain to children that they better live another life,  when they see with there own eyes how drug trade can make you rich so quickly..?

All over Colombia there are coca fields and there’s drug trade… Don’t ever interfere!

You can get in serious problems if the police find out that you, as a tourist and foreigner, are carrying some marijuana, cocaine or other drugs! Just think about that: it will not be your lucky day ending up in jail in Colombia and besides that: don’t put your life at risk… Yes, Colombians are very nice people but drug trade… Prisons…

SAY NO TO DRUGS! There are many things here who are much nicer… 

A special warning needs burundanga. This drug can be added in food or drinks and suppresses your free will.

Be also careful with yajé, better known as ayahuasca. There a big increase in travellers who like to experience it. Whether you call yajé medicine of drug… the fact is that drinking it can be very heavy which even can lead to psychosis. Traditionally an indigenous way of healing – especially in the Putumayo region – it is offered more and more in hostels all over Colombia. Whether providers have enough experience to give you enough safety or found a new way to earn money??? Besides, the real yajé experience is accompanied by intense indigenous rituals, which makes it much more special than just taking drugs.

En than there are the offers of making cocaine by yourself. You are taken to a lab, everything is very exciting, and after making your cocaine, you may even consume it. Well, making cocaine takes more than just some hours. And again, do you really want to participate in a trade that has destroyed so much already?

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