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Beach Resort in Capurgana, Colombia

Beach Resort in the Caribbean Sea at the Colombian/ Panamanian border

Selling price: US $: 400.000

Location: Playa Aguacate, Capurgana

The unique resort Bahia Lodge is situated directly on a beach in the Caribbean Sea. There is plenty of nature to enjoy as a beautiful coral reef in front of the resort that offers good conditions for scuba diving and snorkelling.

Capurgana is close by: this village is getting more and more popular as a holiday spot for eco-tourism. There are no cars and hardly roads in the whole area; transport is mostly done by horses or by boat.

Because of the unique environment, the area is a top honeymoon destination in Colombia. The guests from the Bahia Lodge are mostly couples who enjoy the intimate and cosy ambience. The setting is a heaven of peace for all your senses. It is the perfect place to spend a romantic holiday and relax. Just have a look at the website to get an idea of the place (the address appears at the bottom).

The property includes:

– Approx. 105 meter sea/beach front (344 feet)

– Approx. 10.000 qm2 lot (1 hectare, 2.47 acre)

– In total 9 buildings (total approx. 578 qm2 – 6222 sq. ft. / 5 individual bungalows + one bungalow with 4 rooms, kitchen, staff and storage room, restaurant, laundry, private house of the owner/resort manager and a second private house with large terrace and kitchen)

– A capacity to serve 26 people.

– The resort is connected with the local electricity system – 110 Volt

– Water supply is provided from a mountain spring and stored in 12 tanks with a total capacity of 24.000 litres (6340 gallons)

– Wastewater system is connected to 3 septic tank systems

– The resort’s website and domains http://www.bahia-lodge.com

– No hurricanes

The resort was created and built in 2007-2008 by the German owner with the idea to run a business as well as to enjoy the spot privately. The first season was December 2008 and the business is well run. Have a look at the excellent Traveler Rating at Tripadvisor:


The individual Bungalows:

The resort offers 5 individual bungalows of 28 qm2 each (301 sq. ft.), which are harmonically embedded in the tropical beach landscape. They are nicely and individually constructed and decorated in the traditional style. All rooms and bungalows have a private bathroom and a terrace with a spectacular view of the Caribbean Sea and their palm trees. The bathrooms are made in solid material while the rooms are made in a combination of wood and bamboo. The roofs are traditionally made with palm leaves above a bamboo and wooden structure. Most of the bungalows are built above a concrete platform, but one bungalow with the capacity of 4 people is done similar, has a wooden floor and the whole structure is fixed above 9 concrete pillars.

The Bungalow with 4 Rooms:
There is a building with 4 rooms on the ground floor and a large terrace on top. The building has a concrete platform of 11 x 11 meters (36×36 ft./ 1300 sq. ft.) Each room is equipped with beds for three persons and with private bathrooms. The bathrooms are made in solid material while the walls of the rooms and the roofs are done in the same manner as the individual bungalows. Above this building – reachable by an outdoor wooden step – you get to the terrace with views to all four sites – up to Capurgana and the Cape Tiburon and to Panama.

The Kitchen:
There is a separate bungalow with the kitchen of 39 qm2 (419 sq. ft.), containing the space of the cooking area, a private room for the cook, and a storage room.

The Restaurant:
The restaurant is a separate building of 65 qm2 (700 sq. ft.), which is located directly above the reef with a spectacular view to the Caribbean Sea and the little bay.

The private house
The owner’s house is designed in a spacious and wide loft style with two large terraces (a total of 140 qm2 / 1.507 sq. ft.). It’s the highest building of the hotel and measures 10 by 7 meters (33 x 23 ft.) and has two floors. It is made out of wood above a concrete fundament and opens a spectacular view from both terraces.

Besides the restaurant, there is a garden place close to the shore where guests can relax in hammocks. Between the bungalows are green areas with palm trees and flower and all this is illuminated in the night.

2nd Private House
This property was bought recently to enlarge the capacity of this hotel and can be used for the stuff or private visitors. There are 2 rooms, a large terrace, kitchen and one bathroom. It is made out of wood above a concrete fundament and opens a spectacular view to the sea.

There is a good GSM mobile connection by Comcel, which provides mobile internet access as well. Direct TV is available via satellite.

Personal Security:
Capurgana itself and the coastline is a border area which is highly controlled by local police and National Guard and since almost 10 years nothing serious happened. The local hotels and business don´t have security staff and there is no need to protect property by high walls or electric fences. As the climate is very comfortable some of the neighbours live in completely open houses without walls or any protection at all. In the nearby neighbourhood people from Europe and the US are living for years.

The Colombian-Panamanian border is close by and there are good overseas connections from Panama City.

Web Site: http://www.bahia-lodge.com

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