Barra Morada - Seccion Andina Sur


ACTIVITIES: Wine tours – paragliding

A quiet, partly colonial village between Armenia and Buga with 3 hotspots:

It belongs to the most important places for paragliding. At the beginning of 2018, it was even the place where the world championships were held.  

Painter Omar Rayo was born here and although he lived abroad for most of his life, he raised his own museum Rayo, and was even buried there. Rayo was a master in illusionary 3D geometric paintings. About every half year the museum shows other works by him and also exhibits work by other Latin American artists. Mon – Sun 9 am – 6 pm, 5.000/pp, Cll 8#8-53, www.museorayo.co.

This is one of the few Colombian wine regions. Try Casa Grajales.

West of Buga, at B ± 1 hr (7.500 COP), between other lakes, lies Lago Calima (1500 m high, 40km around). The lake is perfect for water skiing and kite and windsurfing, due to its very fast winds, especially in the afternoons. It is surrounded by mountains and especially the northern route from the “new” laketown El Darien to Buga is impressive. The original El Darien is buried under water after they built a dam. There are several accommodations.

Tip: You can easily make a triangular tour: Buga – San Cipriano/ Pacific Coast – Cali.

Barra Morada - Seccion Andina Sur

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