Barra Morada - Seccion Andina Sur



Lush, green landscapes; mountains, lakes, the origin of Colombia’s most important rivers. The salsa capital; the white city; Colombia’s most important archaeological sites; volcanoes to conquer; Colombia’s most impressive road; a principal region of indigenous rituals… The south-eastern side of Colombia is characterized by a multitude of beauty. Yet not many travellers discover it. And that’s a beauty by itself. Discover a surprisingly versatile and authentic part of Colombia!


We start this journey south of the famous Eje Cafetero. The zone between Salento and Cali is full of lakes and mountains, famous for paragliding. Explore also colonial, sometimes very old towns that are hardly discovered by tourism. The capital of salsa itself is very Colombian as well with a hospitable population. Tourists who have been there, often call it their favourite town. Popayan is more touristic and that has a reason for itself; the white city is gorgeous! Surrounded by volcanoes to discover and natural phenomena as thermal baths, sulphur-coloured rivers and waterfalls. Between all this green, the Tatacoa desert is a stranger in our midst: you are suddenly in the perfect climate to observe the moon, Saturn, and even Mars!


Tierradentro and San Agustin show you the oldest human legacy of Colombia: tombs and statues of ancestors nobody really knows who they were and how they lived, so it gives lot’s of space for your own imagination. Guided by taitas and shamans, your essence can make wonderful travels in Putumayo, a spiritual centre of Colombia with a lot of knowledge about yage (ayahuasca). From this side of the country, you can make a detour to beauties like Caqueta and the river of five colours, Caño Cristales (only from June to December!).

Mocoa, capital of Putumayo, is all open again for tourism after the heavy landslide in 2017. From there, you can travel to Pasto over the Trampoline of Death, reportedly to be Colombia’s most dangerous and beautiful road. Pasto, capital of Nariño, is situated between lakes, volcanoes, paramos and a church built above a canyon (Las Lajas)…  Are you convinced about the beauty of Andean South?


Barra Morada - Seccion Andina Sur

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