Barra Morada - Seccion Andina Sur


No no no… Don’t always follow the most common paths! Salento – Cali? There are heaps of picturesque colonial cities on the road where you don’t stumble over the tourists. One of the oldest (1555) is Buga. It’s a pilgrimage town with over a million Colombian visitors a year adoring the Black Christ sculpture. Enjoy in this Nacional Heritage its unique architecture, the beautiful surrounding nature and micro-brewed ales. A small, unknown city with more than one interesting sight!


Armenia = 2 hrs, 17.000. Armenia – Salento = 1 hr, 5.000. Cali = 1,5 hr, 10.000. Buenaventura = 2,5 hrs, 20.000. Bogota = 8 hrs, 58.000. Medellin = 8 hrs, 55.000.


Plaza de Cabal: Buga’s central park is great for relaxing. During the hottest part of the day, you can spot huge iguanas and squirrels. On Cra 14 # 6.

Mirador Al Derrumbado: a stunning view from the hill overlooking Buga, especially beautiful at sunset. Hike = 1 hr.

Basílica Señor de Los Milagros with the Black Christ. Its pedestrian walkway in front of the basilica, La Plazoleta, ends up at the bus terminal.

Microbrewery tour of Holy Water Ale: learn about the artisanal beer-creation process and the extensive selection of ingredients, 15.000/pp incl tasting, see Buga Hostel.

Rent a bike and ride all the way from Alaska to Buga! Take the B to Alaska (at chiva B station cra 10 between 9 – 10) where the downhill adventure starts.

Check out local art at art gallery, cll 5 # 14 in Hotel San Francisco.

Visit a cultural show (most of which are free of charge) in the Municipal Theatre, dating from 1922. Cll 6#10


Pitingos Canyon: explore the hidden creek, jump into pools, climb boulders, reach the beautiful waterfall Cascada de los Milagros and thrill through a cable car adventure over the Guadalajara River.

You can also visit the natural pools of Los Chorros or the semi-Olympic version in town or Club Pool and Park Comfenalco. Buga can be hot!

Special tip: Spot monkeys, poison dart frogs and snakes in the Bosque Yotoco.

Barra Morada - Seccion Andina Sur

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